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Technical Advice

Polyethylene is the only component of our products. The same is a single polymer with a composition obtained from the polymerization of ethylene (CH2-CH2) n. Its properties make it highly productive in their use and practical at the time of installation, and thanks to the reaction of covalent cross-linking material is obtained with memory, as well as having important properties such as:


The specific weight of low density polyethylene is 12 times less than that of lead and 8 times less than that of iron. This facilitates the transportation and installation of pipes; with the help of a subsoiler can be piped up to 2 1/2 “at a speed of up to 5 km / h at a depth of 40 cm or more.


The excellent flexibility lets you copy uneven terrain, overcoming all kinds of obstacles and even achieve medium-radius curves without using tools or accesories.


They are highly elastic. This property allows absorbing shocks, stresses, vibrations, and to the eventual crushing freezing water transported without any consequences.

Nontoxic and hygienic

It is absolutely non-toxic and inert ensuring an unsurpassed level of aseptic and potability and ensuring and maintaining unchanged the smell, color and taste of the transported water.


Resist chemical and galvanic corrosion and fouling do not favor tartar. Because against UV additives incorporated in its formulation, do not suffer ultraviolet photo-degradation, therefore they can be installed outdoors and exposed to the sun permanently.

Very efficient

The low coefficient of internal roughness, absence of corrosion and scale and fewer joints determines exceptionally low relative pressure drop, allowing speeds higher Uniquely driving fluids. This results in higher through put, increased pressure and in many cases greater economy; the same flow is achieved with a smaller diameter tube.

This plastic, there are two very distinct families, such as LDPE (low density polyethylene) and HDPE (LDPE). Which differ from the chemical structure, since the LDPE is a polymer with a highly branched chain structure, while the HDPE is linear and without branches, making it more rigid and tough material.

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